Issues of Public Concern

Affordable Housing


 I believe everyone deserves housing that is affordable, regardless of their income. People should not have to make a choice between rent and food, yet this is the reality of many Madison citizens. Affordable Housing is tied to making a living wage as well a sound transportation system. 

Public Safety


Crime and public safety are major concerns of residents of Districts 7, as well as most Madison residents. As Alder, I will work to build partnerships between citizens and the Madison Police Department at the neighborhood level to address the complex issues of public safety. I will be in constant communication with residents, listening to their concerns and keeping them up-to-date on trends, programs and other public safety information.  Enhancing public safety will take all of us in the community, not just additional police officers.

Sense of Community


 I believe communities are important because they allow people to interact with each other, share experiences, develop valued relationships and work toward a common goal. Getting to know new people is a powerful part of our lives in the Madison community. I look forward to working with my neighbors to encourage and build a strong sense of connection and community.

Economic Vitality


I believe the most important way a city encourages healthy economic development is by building a supportive environment that is attractive to business, especially small business.    

As Alder, I will work with the city and its partners to help steer resources towards development initiatives that fit with our city’s long-range plans to add productive, high-value jobs to our economy. I will be an advocate for great schools, a plan for sustainable growth and, most importantly, a minimal amount of bureaucratic red tape for businesses trying to get off the ground.

Fiscal Responsibility


While no one likes to pay taxes, it is the mechanism used by government to provide basic safety and community systems. That being said, I will work to minimize tax increases through being fiscally responsible with the tax revenue. 



Improving the city's accessibility to public transportation is imperative to the prosperity of Madison. Access to public transportation could be the difference between surviving and thriving.   


As Alder, I will work to build a community where everyone can thrive. Transportation and affordable housing are two vital parts of realizing equality in our city.